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Virtual Market Enterprises

About 1031 Exchanges and Professional Exchange Accoomodators LLC

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These are the founding members of the Davis Progressive Business Exchange. Please compare this list with the Members Directory. You will find that many of our founding members are still members of this business exchange. As for the members that have left our group in good standing, we still recommend these businesses and organizations and thank them for their support through the difficult founding years of our organization.

    Accounting -- Professional CPA
    Megan Nix
    Newman Associates
    4131 Hackberry Place
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 877-639-7633
    FAX: 530 757-7403
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.na-cpa.com
    Specializing in accounting services since 1998.

    Attorney -- Accident, Casualty, and Personal Injury
    Michael W. Jansen
    Law Offices of Michael W. Jansen
    1301 College Street
    Woodland, CA 95695
    Phone: 530-668-7600
    FAX: 530-668-7640

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: MIKEJANSEN.com

    Accident, injury and insurance claims; casualty law.

    Attorney -- Criminal Law
    Paul Gerowitz,
    Attorney at Law

    Paul Gerowitz, Attorney at Law
    105 E Street, Suite 2K
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: CELL:

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:
    In memoriam November 2009
    • Graduate of UC Davis, King Hall School of Law
    • 20 year resident of Davis
    • Former Deputy State Public Defender
    • Former Counsel to the Assembly Committee on Public Safety
    • Former Executive Director of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ)
    • Practice includes, but is not limited to, representing persons accused of violating Penal Code, Vehicle Code, and/or Health and Safety Code provisions

    Attorney -- Government Relations
    Jim Provenza , Attorney
    Jim Provenza, Attorney at Law
    204 F Street Suite A3
    Davis, CA 95616
    Cell: 530-400-2780

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:

    Baking -- Cookies for All Occasions
    Cathey Wragg,
    Owner/Managing Baker
    Cookie Commotion

    Woodland, CA 95695
    Phone: 530-662-9011

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.vme.net/wvm/cookie-commotion/

    Cookies for holidays and special occassions and business promotion. Holidays include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day.

    Special Occasions includes weddings, showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, and birthdays.

    Beautifully Decorated • Delicious • Cookies for All Occasions • A Wide Selection of Shapes • Creative Designs • Chocolate Dipped Shortbread • Biscotti Cookies • Individually Packaged.

    Banking -- Consumer Banking
    Terry Ramm, Vice President
    First Northern Bank
    434 Second St
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-662-2666

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.ThatsMyBank.com

    Your state of the art community bank serving the business and personal financial needs of Yolo, Solano and Sacramento Counties since 1910. Member FDIC.

    Business -- Direct Mail Advertising
    Stephen J. Chaudhry
    Independent Account Executive
    1015 Fourth Street, Suite B
    Woodland, CA 95695
    Phone: 530-383-0324
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web Site:


    I do a variety of marketing and advertising in Northern California. Whatever your budget and whatever may interest you. I can put a package together for you, or we can simply focus on one media. I am basically your public relations firm willing and wanting to help you. Radio, TV, Direct mail, register tape advertising,.....I am a consultant to help your business or organization get more exposure and more impressions to your audience. More exposure and more impressions to your audience, means in the long run more profits for you. If your interested in a jump-starting your existing business or you simply want to attract new customers call for a free consultation.

    Debbie Davis &
    Elisabeth Sherwin
    The Davis Enterprise
    315 G Street
    Davis, CA 95616

    Phone: 756-0800
    E-mail: [ inquire for e-mail address ]
    Web site: www.davisenterprise.com
    The Davis Enterprise circulates 6 days a week, Monday through Friday and Sundays. There are special business sections in the Thursday and Sunday editions. We sell subscriptions starting at $50 for 1/2 year and $100 for 1 year.

    We sell advertising in the paper. Call our advertising department for details. We feature contests and promotions, which will be presented at the Progressive Business Exchange meetings.

    BUSINESS PROMOTION -- Printing on Frabric, Anything.
    The Ink Monkey,
    Jason or Kristen
    2500 5th Street
    Davis, CA 95616

    Phone: 530-756-3600
    E-mail: [ inquire for e-mail address ]
    Web site:
    We print wearable graphics on any fabric or apparel. We can print graphics on banners, bags, and many other promotional items for your business, club or individual gift ideas.

    BUSINESS PROMOTION -- Yellow Pages Phone Book Listings
    Marcelle K Minor,
    District Sales Manager
    Valley Yellow Pages
    650 Howe Ave. Suite 100
    Sacramento, CA 95825-4732
    Phone: 916-648-9888
    FAX: 916-648-7190
    E-mail: [ inquire for e-mail address ]
    Web site:
      We distribute the local yellow pages in Yolo County and provide advertising for local businesses.

    Business Support -- Mailing, Post Office, and Supplies
    Chim Patel,
    The UPS Store
    1411 W Covell Blvd
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-756-0311
    E-mail: [ inquire for e-mail address ]
    Web site: www.theupsstore.com
      UPS Shipping station, post office boxes and office supplies.

    Cleaning Services -- Homes, rentals, and apartments.
    Donna Miller, Owner
    Miller Home Care
    1047 Miller Dr
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-758-7024
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.yvm.net/go/miller/
    We do meticulous Cleaning, since 1981 in Davis and Woodland.
    • Train & Supervise
    • Guarantee Reliable, Meticulous Cleaning
    • Weekly, Bi-monthly, Once a Month
    • Occasional Service, 2 Hour Minimum
    • YES! We Do Windows and Steam Carpets
    Thank You All
    Donna Miller

    P.S. Call me for a free estimate

    Clothing -- Women and Men's Apparel and Accessories
    Heather Caswell, Owner
    The Wardrobe
    206 E Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-756-1128
    Office: 530-756-3714
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:

    To inspire greater inner beauty through outer expressions of color, beauty, and self-adornment.

    The Wardrobe is a modern vintage fashion salon featuring artistic, vintage and Asian-inspired designs and jewels for women and men.

    In our salon you will discover an eclectic mix of enchanting, artistic and romantic fashions. We are known for our special occasion dresses by Sue Wong. We also feature a large selection of accessories including hats, shoes, scarves, gloves, and vintage inspired jewelry.

    There is a natural sensuality to The Wardrobe; a sensuality that comes from being comfortable with yourself - a way to look ruled only by your imagination and unique personal style. Visit our web site to discover "The art of being you..."

    Commercial Services
    Swimming Pool and Water Facilities.

    Stephen Souza , Owner
    Ultra Clean Pool Services
    2424 Rodin Place
    Davis, CA 95617
    Phone: 530-758-2964
    FAX: 530-816-0421
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.ultracleanpools.com
    Professional pool cleaning and maintenance for businesses and business properties (hotels, motels, apartment complexes, rental complexes, homeowner associations, etc). We also maintain pumps and fountains for public displays and locations.

    Computer Management and Repair
    Janelle Alvstad-Mattson,
    Office Manager
    Seismic Computer Management
    3050 Beacon Blvd. Suite 111
    West Sacramento, CA 95691
    Phone: 916-679-0424
    FAX: 530-848-3375
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.seismictech.net
    Seismic Computer Management provides businesses with onsite and remote computer management, maintenance and repair. Seismic’s certified professionals specialize in industry compliance and Virus, SPAM and Spyware prevention and removal, while their 24 hour system monitoring options ensure that networks are secure, constantly updated, and worry free.

    We are a business to business company, especially focused on preventative maintenance and remote management. Although our office is in West Sacramento, we provide on-site and remote service to Woodland and are also members of the Woodland Chamber.

    Financial - Securities and financial planning
    Steven MacNear
    Agent,   License #OE57873
    MassMutual Financial Group
    2495 Natomas Park Dr Ste 500
    Sacramento, CA 95833
    Local Phone: 753-6408
    Phone: 916-561-1405
    FAX: 916-929-0097

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web Site:
      • Investments and Mutual Funds
      • IRA, 401K, TSA, Pensions
      • Life and Annuities
      • Long-Term Care
      • Disability Income

    Financial - Securities and financial planning
    David Pinto
    Agent,   License #0E07293
    Farmers' Financial Services  
    1260 Lake Blvd Suite 216
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-297-7461
    FAX: 530-231-2965

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web Site:
    Porfolio planning: Long term financial; real estate, 401K; and others.

    Please note that this category is being temporarily filled by David Pinto. Any person with a valid financial agent license is welcome to join under this category and take over this listing. This category for licensing requires strict guidelines on representing one's self to the public. David Pinto's primay and pemanent business category is insurance.

    Insurance: Auto and Home
    David Pinto
    Farmers' Financial Services  
    1260 Lake Blvd Suite 216
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-297-7461
    FAX: 530-231-2965

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web Site:
    We offer a wide range of insurance products: Auto (including RV's, Boats, Motrcycles), Home (including Rental units, Condos, Mobile homes), Life, Health, Long Term Care, Diability, Business (General Liability) and Workers Compensation.

    Health and Beauty -- Salon and Spa
    John Hausler
    Owner and Stylist  
    630 Second Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-759-0795
    FAX: 530-231-2965

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web Site: www.salonspatangles.com
    An Aveda concept salon and spa.

    Web and Network Computer Services

    G Richard Yamagata , PhD CEO/President
    Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc.
    PO Box 1944
    Davis, CA 95617
    Phone: 530-753-9750 or 848-8634
    FAX: 530-669-3283
    Cell: 530-VIV-VMEI
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.vme.net
    Since, 1995 placing individuals, business and organization on the world wide web. Web site creation and/or hosting. brokered dial-up internet dial-up service starting at $15/month* We are a strategic partner of AFES Network Services.

    Internet Service Provider
    Robert Nickerson CEO/General Partner

    Omsoft Technologies , Inc
    1623 5th St Suite F
    Davis, CA 95616
    Toll Free: (877) 5-DSL-NOW
    Local Business: (530) 758-0119
    FAX: (530) 758-0140
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.omsoft.com
    An Internet Service Provider, supplying dial-up, DSL, and wireless services. We also provide resources for e-mail, web hosting, and management and co-location of servers. Please e-mail us your questions regarding Internet Access, Database Design/Data Migration, Y2K, LAN and WAN cabling and hardware and software configuration, Server Management and Co-location and Web Development and Hosting.

    Non-Profit -- Emergency preparedness and disaster relief
    Diana Gustafson, Director Disaster Services
    Donna Neu, Executive Director
    American Red Cross of Yolo County
    120 Court Street
    Woodland, CA 95695
    Phone: 530-662-4669
    FAX: 530-662-5114
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.yc-arc.org
    First aid and CPR training; child care educational training; emergency preparedness and disaster relief.

    Non-Profit -- Short Term Emergency Aid Committee
    Tom Martens,

    413 Fifth Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~steac/
    The mission of STEAC is to provide immediate short-term assistance with basic necessities to Yolo County families and individuals with income below the poverty level. Assistance may include help with rent, utilities, furniture, clothing, food and other basic necessities.

    STEAC is committed to enlarging the social awareness of the community and to providing opportunities for local citizens to help others in need.

    Photo Reproduction, Printer and Printing Services
    Jack Allen
    Sir Speedy
    47 W Main St. Suite C
    Woodland, CA 95695
    Phone: 530-666-7794
    FAX: 530-666-7796
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.sirspeedy.com/woodland
    Printing, copying, digital network, high speed copies, Canon CLC, large format printer (poster size up to 42" by 100"), laser copies, fax service, digital services, mailing services and printing services.

    Real Estate -- Commercial/Multi-Unit
    Ram Sah, Agent
    Sah Commercial Properties
    1720 Sapphire Court
    Davis, CA 95618
    FAX: 866-833-4003

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:
    Contact me for any commercial property listing in Davis to place a listing or to view a property!

    Real Estate -- Residential
    Bob Bockwinkel , Agent
    Lyon Real Estate
    401 Second Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Cell: 530-219-1896
    Phone: 530-759-7210
    FAX: 530-758-5784
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.vme.net/dvm/lyon
    THE ACTIVIST ADVANTAGE -- Whether I'm representing a client, heading up a food drive for the homeless, or registering new voters, I'm all action. You can expect the same level of dedication and enthusiasm for your purchase or sale of a home with me as I devote the community. I also have the trust of my peers as I was 2002 President of the Yolo County Association of Realtors.(TM) Just ask me what I've accomplished by noon and the list will astonish you.

    Real Estate -- Mortgage Lending
    Laurel Fagan
    Vice President
    Branch Manager

    907 Third St
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-753-7644 ext 304
    CELL: 530-304-2836
    FAX: 530-758-7558

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: www.LaurelFagan.com

    Home loans and mortgages.

    Real Estate -- Independent Escrow Officer and Temporary Office Staffing
    Robbie Stewart
    PO BOX 1158
    Davis, CA 95617
    Phone: 530-753-2369
    CELL: 530-318-1422

    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:

    Temporary office professional staffing, specializing in escrow, title, and real estate. Please contact for other types of offices.

    Real Estate -- Title Company
    Jean-Marc Leininger,
    Escrow Assistant to Lisa Briggs
    First American Title Company
    207 D Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-758-3282
    FAX: 530-758-0617
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:
    • UCD graduate Managerial Economics
    • Active in Sports Community
    • Board Member of Davis Mad Cows, triathelon team
    • Board Member and Treasurer of Golden Valley Harriers
    • Fluent in Spanish and French
    • Notary Public

    Real Estate -- Title Company
    Deanna Stark
    Account Manager
    North American Title
    502 Second Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-756-0533
    FAX: 530-756-0992
    Cell: 530-979-0117
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site:
    Title Insurance and Escrow Services to anyone buying, selling or refinancing a home. Research properties, etc.

    RENTAL -- Housing Options
    Jerry Kaneko
    Independent Owner
    556 Reed Dr
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-756-2324
    FAX: 530-765-0927
    CELL: 530-902-1447

    E-mail: [ Click Here ]
    Web site: http://www.yvm.net/vme/jerry/
    We can meet your housing needs in Davis, California with various options -- house, uniplex, duplex and apartment units, all for rent at market rates.

    RENTAL -- Environmental Homes
    Corky Brown
    Independent Owner
    2305 Fortuna Ct
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 756-9301

    E-mail: [ None ]
    Web site:
    The self-proclaimed "Rental Baron" of Davis. If you want to live in and rent an environmental friendly home, contact Corky, today!

    Restaurants: Cantina and Grill
    Tom Lowering , Owner and Manager
    Cantina del Cabo
    139 G Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: 530-756-2226
    FAX: 530-759-2226
    E-mail: [ click here ]
    Web site: Lunch Menu Web Site
    This establishment closed in 2007.
    Exceptional food and the widest selection of beers in Davis.

    Veterinary -- Medical, Behavioral, and Emergency Services
    Pam Duey
    Woodland Veterinary Hospital
    445 Matmor Rd
    Woodland, CA 95776
    Phone: (530) 666-2461
    FAX: (530) 666-3454
    Cell: (530) 400-1880
    Web site:
    Medical, Behavioral, and Emergency Services, Boarding and Training. Woodland Veterinary Hospital understands that each pet is a family member and someone's best friend. Our team is dedicated to nurturing this bond by providing up to date medical, dental and surgical care as well as top notch boarding, grooming, and obedience training. We pride ourselves on first class customer service and we treat our clients, their pets, and our fellow team members with sensitivity and respect.

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