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About 1031 Exchanges and Professional Exchange Accoomodators LLC

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Professional Exchange Accommodators, about us and 1031 exchangesThe Progressive Business Exchange of Davis is now being re-founded after COVID. To become a listed member, you must be a continuous member in good standing from the time you are accepted for membership until January 1, 2023.

The Progressive Business Exchange maintains a membership list and business directory. The business directory can be found on the world wide web. Follow the link button to the left.

The Progressive Business Exchange will meet twice a month for lunch on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, will mail out e-mails the first four weeks of each month, and will mail out a hard copy of exchange updates and a calendar of events one per month via US mail.. The cost of membership is $45/quarter, $90/semi-annually, or $180/year. The cost of lunch is ad lib and currently is $15/lunch (subject to changing food costs). Members are to cover their own lunch costs at the meeting, but you can pre-pay for the lunch buffet. It is suggested that they pre-order their lunch by contacting the corresponding secretary. If a pre-order is placed and the individual that ordered the lunch does not show up at the meeting, they are still responsible for paying for the ordered food.

For active members, a separate business lisiting page, with a photo and extended biography, will be maintained within the business directory. This page will be created after the member's first 15 minute presentation. All members will be allowed a scheduled time to speak to the membership at least once per year. The scheduling of the speakers will be maintained on the calendar page.

The Progressive Business Exchange will have passive membership for those that are too busy to attend meetings and are too small to send a company representative to the lunch meetings. Passive members will have to pay the cost of membership, $45/quarter, $90/semi-annually, or $180/year.

Our Sponsoring Members are vital to keeping this organization healthy. To be a sponsoring member, the dues are $120 per quarter. Without our Sponsoring Members, our lunch group would not be the healthy organization that it is. Sustaining Members are people that cannot make every lunch and they pay $60 plus $15/lunch that they attend. We have a new member category, Affilliate Members. Affilliate Members are people that cannot make the meetings on a regular basis, but want to participate in our on-line referral directory and other promotional activities. The cost of Affilliate Membership is $50/year, plus $15/lunch, if they attend.

The membership fees will help support an annual exchange mixer. Our goal is to have each exchange member bring 5 to 10 clients and friends to the mixer to help extend our referral network. The mixer will help our businesses to get exposure to a wide range of people within the caring Community of Davis.

The Progressive Business Exchange will also offer opportunities for joint advertising on a voluntary basis.


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