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    Lucas Frerichs, Candidate for Davis City Council 2012
    Presentation and talk before the PBE on April 4, 2012
    150th Meeting of the PBE

    The first speaker was long time Davis resident, Lucas Frerichs. Lucas has been very active in the community and was instantly recognized by many of the PBE members. There were over 40 people at this special 150th meeting.

    Lucas handed out a bio sheet. Lucas stated that he knew a lot of the people in the room, which was very true. He is currently the Chair of the Davis City Planning Commission. Lucas is running for a seat on the Davis City Council this coming June.

    Lucas grew up in upstate New York and Anchorage, Alaska, before moving to Davis in 1996, the year that he started high school, attending for four years. He was active in the Davis High Jazz Choir and with the Davis High Drama Department. Lucas met his wife as an undergrad in Davis. With his high school years and marriage he feels that Davis' environment has given a great deal to him. He has worked many jobs in town, including the Davis Food Co-op. Lucas stated that he hoped that the Davis Food Co-op would join the ProBizExchange, especially with the competition of Whole Foods coming to Davis. He thought that the Davis Food Co-op would be a good fit with the DPBE.

    Lucas stated that he has served on 4 city commissions over the past decade. He has dedicated much of his time and energy volunteering with a host of local nonprofits and social organizations for the Community of Davis, many of these in volunteer leadership capacities.

    Lucas stated passionately that because the City of Davis and its nurturing atmosphere has given him so much, he in turn feels compelled to give as much as he can back to this community. To this end, he hopes to be able to help direct Davis in a cohesive direction. He feels this is lacking today.

    He is running on three principles, Courage, Commitment, and Collaboration. Lucas elaborated on these. Courage is the quality of mind that enables a person to face difficulty without fear. For Lucas, it is to act in accordance with one’s own beliefs, especially in spite of criticism.

    Commitment, he believes that he has demonstrated that he has this by serving on 4 city commissions over the past decade, and dedicating his time and energy volunteering with a host of local nonprofits and organizations for more than 16 years in numerous volunteer and volunteer leadership capacities.

    Collaboration, he sees as working together to achieve a goal. This is the cornerstone of what he is as an individual. He stated that he always believed in the ability of people working together to realize shared goals and to concentrate on achieving a common good. He further stated that he believes that most collaboration inherently requires leadership, and he applies this virtue to everything he does, everyday of his life.

    Lucas finished by referring to his professional life as a state legislative assistant. Through this work, he is vary familiar with the issues of water and natural renewable resources of the region. He has worked with key stakeholders and if he is elected, he feels that this will make him effective in working together and connecting with these stakeholders to formulate a plan that will take Davis a long way to a very bright future. Lucas further stated that a sustainable budget can be achieved by working with UC Davis and local businesses and local non-profits.

    For more about Lucas Frerichs, visit www.lucasforcitycouncil.org
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