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    Clint Parish, Candidate for Yolo County Superior Court Judge 2012
    Presentation and talk before the PBE on April 18

    The Second Speaker was Clint Parish. Clint presented a more eclectic program. He started out by handing out a campaign walk piece. He next stated that he was enjoying the campaign, getting out and meeting people throughout the county and getting to know them on a one-on-one basis. He was very happy to attend the ProBizExchange meetings, which was his third visit with us. What was wonderful was that he stated that he had enjoyed each and every one of his visits with the PBE!

    Clint introduced his wife, Evelyn. He stated that he and Evelyn attended the last International Festival hosted by the I-House at the Veterans Memorial Center. He was amazed by the number of people that were in attendance and by the large numbers of booths.

    Clint next stated that he lowered his blood pressure by lowering his sodium intake. He enjoys low blood pressure to this day following a low sodium life style.

    Clint is always in the courtroom and has been from the start of his law career. He spoke about his first case in court, the second day he came to work as an attorney. Clint next stated that none of the cases that he has handled in all of his years of being an attorney have been reversed on appeal. He is very proud of that fact and it shows that he is a very proficient courtroom litigator.

    Clint next talked about "Law Day." [The event was the following week and has since passed.] The new chief justice of California was going to be at this event in Woodland on April 26. He stated that he was involved with the DA's office of Yolo County for this event and he was very proud to take part in this public event. Linda Conrad spoke about how the "third estate" needs to be protected by the people. It is the courts that puts in check the power of the legislature and the executive branch, and without the courts, that check on abuse by the other two branches would not be. As it is, the "fourth estate," the press is no longer as effective in informing the people of what is going on in government. Because of this, the courts are becoming more and more important each day. More and more budget cuts are weakening the courts throughout the state.

    Clint went on to enumerate that he has over 20,000 hours as a prosecutor and more than 6,000 hours in a courtroom as the representative of the People. This is more hours of courtroom experience than his opponent has. During his time at the Yolo County DAs Office, he has prosecuted more than 50 jury trials including Felony DUI, Sexual Battery, Assault on a Peace Officer with a Semi-Automatic Firearm, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Robbery, Burglary and Murder. He has examined more than 1,000 witnesses, including Peace Officers, civilians, children, experts.

    Clint stated that this courtroom experience is important to a would be judge. He has learned how to review case files and understand RAP sheets by reviewing them from case after case. He has learned the value of making an offer. He has learned value of one case versus another. He has learned how to differentiate between the defendant who deserves another chance, and the defendant who has earned more time behind bars. Most importantly, Clint has learned that justice for the victim of a crime must necessarily include justice for the defendant. "There is no such thing as a minor crime, because each is significant to someone."

    The last anecdote that Clint offered was about a murder case that he was the lead prosecutor. The death penalty was on the table and he thought long and hard about this and he realized that death was the most that the government could ask of a person [in punishment for a crime]. Since this is the most that can be asked to be given in payment of a crime, the crime must warrant the payment of a life and done with great judiciousness. After careful weighing of all factors, Clint took death off of the table and the decision was backed up by the current DA.

    The bottom line is that Clint Parish knows the courts and he is well versed in all that makes them work and well versed in the issues that are involved in running an efficient courtroom. It is because of this and the strength of character that he possesses that he has garnered so much diverse support throughout Yolo County.

    Clint Parish's web site can be found at: www.parishforjudge.com
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